About us

At Walletmed, we are fortunate to be guided by a team of seasoned professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills, knowledge, and experiences to the table. Our founders have a shared passion for improving global health, a vision that has helped us transform a novel idea into a tangible reality that promises to revolutionize the way we understand and manage metabolic health.

Meet Our Team

Walletmed - Wojtek Paprota

Wojtek Paprota

CEO, Founder

Wojtek Paprota is the inventive mind behind Walletmed. His vision of a payment implant became a groundbreaking reality under his leadership. With world-class education spanning four universities in Poland, Singapore, UK, and Hong Kong, Wojtek brings a wealth of knowledge, a global perspective, and an innovative spirit to Walletmed.
Walletmed - Jakub Buszyński

Jakub Buszyński

CTO, Co-Founder

As our CTO, Jakub Buszyński leverages his master’s degree in Applied Physics and extensive experience in managing tech departments focused on medical devices. Jakub’s expertise in medical certification helps ensure our solutions meet the highest industry standards while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in health-tech.
Walletmed - Andrzej Miturski

Andrzej Miturski

CMO, Co-Founder

Dr. Andrzej Miturski, MD, PhD, is not only a co-founder of Walletmed but also a practicing physician with both scientific and practical experience in medicine. Andrzej’s PhD in metabolic health and his co-ownership of Luxmed, one of the largest private chains of medical clinics in Eastern Poland, affords him a unique perspective on health care delivery and patient needs.
Walletmed - Michał Gąsior

Michał Gąsior

CRO, Co-Founder

Michał Gąsior brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, and growth to his role as CRO. As an advisor to numerous medtech startups and a respected writer on metabolic health, Michał’s insights into the industry and the longevity community are invaluable. His keen understanding of market dynamics and growth strategies helps drive Walletmed’s continuous expansion.
At Walletmed, we’re proud of our diverse and dynamic team. Our founders bring their rich experience, having successfully managed various companies, and a track record of success. Together, they constitute the dream team, poised to drive Walletmed’s vision and mission forward.

Meet Our Advisors

Walletmed - Advisor - Amal Graafstra

Amal Graafstra

Founder & CEO at Vivokey & Dangerous Things

Subdermal Implants Expert
Walletmed - Advisor - Mirosław Szybowicz

Mirosław Szybowicz

Professor at Poznań University of Technology

Optical Sensor Specialist
Walletmed - Advisor - Maciej Maniecki

Maciej Maniecki

President & CEO at Medical Inventi

CE-marked Medical Devices Expert
Walletmed - Advisor - Torrey Smith

Torrey Smith

Co-Founder & CEO at Endiatx

FDA-approved Medical Devices Expert
Walletmed - Advisor - Piotr Boulange

Piotr Boulange

Digital Health Expert at Accel Point

Fundraising & Operations Expert
Join us as we embark on a journey to empower individuals to lead healthier lives and make a global impact. Together, let’s ‘Live On’.