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How it is now

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Deaths every year due to lifestyle-related noncommunicable diseases (74% of all deaths).
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Is wasted on preventable care (10% of all healthcare expenditures) every year.

How it is going to be

Walletmed - Impact - Lives saved
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People saved a year from premature deaths caused by metabolic diseases
Walletmed - Impact - Savings
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Estimated yearly healthcare savings that are currently spent on preventable healthcare

Walletmed provides a looped, end-to-end healthcare ecosystem that no other company has ever built.

Walletmed - Icon - Implant

Everlasting subdermal implant collects raw metabolic data

Walletmed - Icon - Smartwatch

Smartwatch with an NFC module ensures that the implant is always powered

Walletmed - Icon - Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics fueled with AI ensure cross checking metabolic markers for diseases

Walletmed - Icon - Lifestyle

Personalised lifestyle and health recommendations based on one's results

Walletmed - Icon - Consultation

Consultations with experts (doctors, dietricians, etc.) based on one's personal results

Walletmed - Icon - Drugs

Conditions-related drugs both with and without prescriptions available in a marketplace

Walletmed - Icon - Clinic

Own private health clinics where patients can be treated and told to use the implant for monitoring (POS)

Meet our team

Walletmed - Wojtek Paprota

Wojtek Paprota


Walletmed - Jakub Buszyński

Jakub Buszyński


Walletmed - Andrzej Miturski

Andrzej Miturski


Walletmed - Michał Gąsior

Michał Gąsior


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